Some Onions you might like

.onion Links:

Facebook Some of you need to use Facebook. If you have to at least use TOR, please! Mastodon instance. Mastodon requires https so this has a self signed certificate. So you can trust it, because its... you know.... encrypted anyway.

The Imperial Library of Trantor There are lots of lots of books here hidden service German. Open posting board about left politics

Inividius Youtube Proxy


TAZ German. Tageszeitung.

Buzzfeed Yeha, i know, news is a dicussable term here...

New York Times Also has an interesting Podcast

Privacy International


Sendig anonymous Email:

Secmail Random Email provider, let's you register via TOR (only web acces, no SMTP)

GuerillaMail Throw-away Email adresses for 60 Minutes.

Daniels Onions A very large list of Hidden services, Also Email provider (with SMTP via TOR) and hosting.

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